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Supercomfort pitch

A supercomfort pitch is a pitch of 175 square meters and has (the same as on a comfort pitch) a water tap, drainage and a TV-connection. In addition, a supercomfort pitch has an own private sanitary block which disappears in the landscape. You have your own bathroom with a toilet, shower and a sink where you can leave all your belongings during your stay. The supercomfort pitches are located on the fields “Nog nog Varken“, “Dombo Olifant“, “Minoes Poes“ und “Sis Slang“.

Of course you also have a power supply with CEE connection 6 amps included, but at an additional cost you can upgrade the electricity up to 16 amps.

You can also hire a private bathroom. These private bathrooms are located in toilet block 3 (with a shower, toilet and a sink). This luxury private bathroom can be used by your family only.